Dibyro Adds Theme Packs To Bloqout 3D!

Introducing Theme Packs To Bloqout 3D!!!

Bloqout 3D has a new update featuring Theme Packs!

Theme Packs Allow You To Customize The Look And Feel Of The Game!

Head to your shop to check them out!

Stay tuned for even more updates to the game! :)


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I suggest you should change the theme... the background makes my head hurt and the text hard to read.


Hi Mertios! Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback on Bloqout 3D BETA. Update your copy of Bloqout 3D BETA! We listened to you and have added your suggestion into the game. All of the Backgrounds have been redesigned to make it easier to see the game and read text. Without your input we wouldn't have been able to make the game better (which is what we're all about)

At this time, we would like to offer you an opportunity to volunteer and play test our other games! You would of course get free copies of the games! If this is something that interests you, please visit our website www.dibyro.com and get in contact with us to let us know!

I meant the background of the game page on itch.io...


Changed that as well! Hope you enjoy the game :)

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I am very much, the new background looks fantastic!


Awesome! Glad you enjoy it! What's your highscore?